There is one thing which never lies about your business, it’s called a customer's voice.

Meet our “LADDER”, the social listener, and listen to all the voices around the net through our product and find out how they think about your brand, your competitors and what they actually want.

The dashboard which
is not nonsense.

Our dashboard was crafted with the purpose to visualize the significant and meaningful result. Easy on the eyes and easy to your further usage such as comparison or export the report.

The Concept of Keywords

Big Data is big. The concept of keywords was built to make it easier to explore. You could start finding your insight by asking an open question, see more what they’re talking, then narrow the question to the specific one.

The final answer would be much closest to the insight you’re looking for

Sentiment Analysis

Technical speaking, the sentiment analysis is one of the hardest feature to develop due to many challenging conditions. From the word cutting and sentimental scoring. We always find the way to improve the analysis to be mostly accurate and reflect how the voices are positive, negative, neutral or asking question.

Many more features under development

We know that LADDER still has many more rooms for improvement and our team always see more opportunities to refine it to be better tools for every clients’ need. Stay tuned for the updates!

Not so sure? We do some customized one too.
We know that every industry had their unique problems, some could be solved through unique moves. So that's why we would love to discuss about your issue first and then see what we could offer to you.
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All Rights Reserved by Backyard.


Copyrights © 2018 All Rights Reserved by Backyard.