Your business
insight is hidden in
the world of data.

Know more about your business nature like you
never see before through our solution crafted
from finger-coded tools and landscape human knowledge.

Customer Voices Never
Tells A Lie.

There is one thing which never lies about your business, it's called customer's voice.

Meet our "LADDER", the social listener, and listen to all the voices around the net through our product and find out how they think about your brand and what they actually want.

Got your potential
customers in your sight.

TREEHOUSE gives you a capacity to learn more about your brand fans and potential customers. See who are they, learn their behaviour, and see how they interact with your competitors.

Engage better with your customers
through an automated system.

Create better access to your customers’ / staffs’ required information
Retina Graphics and Automate your information service to reduce your service workload.

Our Clients

Our Clients
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We know that every industries had their unique problems, some could be solved through unique moves. So that's why we would love to discuss about your issue first and then see what we could offer to you.
Copyrights © 2018
All Rights Reserved by Backyard.


Copyrights © 2018 All Rights Reserved by Backyard.